The First Step

Hi everyone from EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy semester 2 2016 and welcome to my blog! I guess the very best way to start is by introducing myself. So here goes.

My name is Soi Hian Law, preferred name Christina. I am a 4th year international student (I am from Malaysia) currently studying Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at University of Southern Queensland. I have previously completed Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies at Queensland University of Technology in 2014. This is a three year course and allows me to work with young children from birth to five years old. Until recently, I have decided that I would also like to work with older children, so here I am. Another reason to further my studies is that I would like to obtain the teacher registration with Queensland College of Teachers as it is an important aspect of being a teacher as a profession. My future career will also be enhanced with this professional accreditation together with the knowledge and experiences that I would gain from studying with USQ.

I am very passionate in Early Childhood Education and Care as I believe that teacher plays important roles in the first eight years of a child’s life which are fundamentally important that shapes children’s future in all aspects. For me, that means I will be one of the most significant person in a child’s life and I intend to provide high quality of education and care for all children that I will meet in the future.

This is the second blog that I have ever created! (I had a similar course that I studied at QUT which also required us to create a blog.) I am stepping out of my comfort zone as I am out of my depth when utilising ICTs myself, and I do not have much experience utilising ICT in classroom to engage and assist student’s learning experience. The upcoming professional experience embedded within this course will be my FIRST PE in primary school settings.

I look forward to learn a lot more about ICT and the upcoming PE. It surely is fascinating to watch young children nowadays are very capable of using technologies such as iPads, computers etc. and how these tools impact on their learning experiences.

Christina 🙂


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