Baby steps 

So… I have been navigating through the study desk – Moodle book, a new thing for me. However, the instructions provided were very clear on how to use the Moodle book and it is fairly easy to use. 

I have managed to successfully set up my blog, Diigo and Feedly. lt took me all day trying to set up my WordPress blog and to complete my very first post for EDc3100. I have learnt the basics for setting up the blog, however I would like to make my site more creative and engaging. I have never used Diigo and Feedly, so I am still learning how to use them and hopefully I will master the skills to use these technology tools in no time. 

I have spent the last week reading through week o and 1, I can say that I am feeling a little bit overwhelm with the amount of information that we have to read. This is mainly due to my negative experiences with studying externally (online) at QUT. However, I do hope that l can successfully ‘walk’ through this course. 



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