Learning is a life-long journey

After reading through week 1 resources, I am on my way to completing the activities on the study desk.

Share your introductions activity

After reading through all the forum posts posted on the ‘share your introductions’ page, I am glad that there are more people who are specialising in early childhood. It was quite interesting reading through all the posts regarding other people’s relationship with ICT. I find this activity particularly useful as it provides opportunity for each of us to connect. I have also started following other student’s blog site. After reading some posts from the blog sites that I have followed, it was a relief to know that I am not the only one who is feeling a little bit overwhelm with the study load and the confusion that we all have about the technology tools that we will have to use. However, I am certain that I will get my head around all these technology tools, slowly but surely. 

Is this an ICT activity

Before I attempt to complete this activity, I think to myself – “Of course I know what ICT is, come on… Surely I will get 10 out of 10!” I was wrong! I got 6 out of 10. Question 1, 3, 9 and 10 were incorrect. Question 1 was the light bulb, I guess I was not paying attention to the womo link plug that is in the middle, thus clicked false without thinking too much (how can light bulbs be ICT was all in my head.) Question 3 was the overhead projector, again without thinking too much and I generalised all the projectors are ICT (because it shows projections and communicate/share information) which this was a purely analog device. Question 9 was the rain gauge, I was not sure what it is, I saw the word ‘weather’ so I guess maybe it is just an electric device that records temperature or maybe rainfalls etc. I certainly did not know that this device will establish a wireless connection to a weather station and which allow us to check all sorts of rain related statistics using our smart phone. Lastly, question 10 was the old analog television, once again without thinking much and thinking that this TV connects to power and it shares/provides information to audience thus it is an ICT. It is not an ICT as no digital technologies embedded in it. 

Wowww, I thought that my understandings of ICT were sufficient for me to complete this task, however it is clear that I will have to look up the deeper meaning of ICT that I am unaware of. Upon the completion of this task, I have gained some new information/knowledge that I did not know of and surely encouraged me to read more about mICT. 

Learning progress with WordPress Diigo and Feedly 

I get frustrated easily with new stuffs that are introduced to me, especially those involves technology or something even more complicated than that. However, thank you David for providing such a clear instruction on the study desk which allow me to be on track. For WordPress, I have learnt the basics, and am still figuring out how I can add links (url and tagging other people). I am still learning how to use Diigo and Feedly, and have been receiving emails regarding both of these tools whenever our fellow students posted something. I think this is very helpful as all of us are able to share with each other and learn from each other. 

Learning is a life-long journey, we learn new things every single day and I look forward to read more blog posts from our fellow students and learn with and from each other. 



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