Future is shaped by the past

Reflecting on this chapter in week 1, which introduced the idea of conceptual models – that what we know is informed by schema (conceptions/conceptual understanding). Our schemas are formed by our experience as we interact with the world and the objects in it. We use those conceptual models to help us to explain or predict about what is going to happen when we perform certain tasks.

Another course (HPE) that I am studying this semester also introduced a similar idea. The first step in our teaching journey is to acknowledge our past experiences which is considered as an important place to begin. This means that before we engage in presenting any discipline-specific content, pedagogy or differentiation of the curriculum, we need to begin with what we are bringing to the subject from the past. It is argued that if teachers who had negative school experiences themselves and, without any recognition and interrogation of that experience, teachers are tending to replicate these experiences in their own teaching practice (Morgan & Hansen, 2008, as cited in Callcott, Miller & Wilson-Gahan, 2012). This process of thinking of our past experiences as a student in a primary or secondary school will facilitate our understanding of the concept of how our previous experiences can affect our present approach to learning to teach with ICTs (Callcott, Miller & Wilson-Gahan, 2012).

Questions to ask ourselves may include:

  • What happened? The context in which the experience occurred.
  • What was trying to be achieved?
  • What alternatives for action were there?
  • How has the previous experiences influenced our approach in using ICT or utilising ICT in our teaching practices?
  • If our previous experiences were negative, what we can do to transformed them into positive experiences? (our present approach to learning, and our present approach to learning to teach with ICTs)

I questioned myself about my past positive and negative experiences that I have with using ICTs. Positive: so far I think that I am able to handle the basics (i.e. using mobile phones, tablets and computers/laptop, browsing the website + internet, etc.), I am getting more comfortable with blogging, Diigo and Feedly. Negative: I do get frustrated easily when things did not turn out the ways that I wanted them to, due to my lack of experience in certain ICT tools, it takes a long time for me to learn and get used to, technology can really take up all day just to make it work. With these in mind, it encouraged me think that if I will replicate the negative experiences in my teaching practices? How and what I can do to ensure that I will not replicate those experiences in my own teaching practices/pedagogy?



Callcott, D., Miller, J., & Wilson-Gahan, S. (2012). Health and physical education: Preparing educators for the future. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.


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