Expanding my learning

I started to follow other EDC3100 students blog after the ‘share your introductions’ forum and I hope students that I have followed will follow me back and, I also hope to have more people following me. 😛

So, I was reading the ‘five’ to reflections from Miss Cee Cee blog, she mentioned about creating a game plan to ensure that she is on the right track of the learning and not to miss any important aspects. Her idea resonates with me, as I really do need to create a ‘to do list’ for this particular subject as I feel hopeless and lost when it comes to online learning.

Here is my idea:

  • Schedule a deadline (date and time) for each post to ensure that I complete the required posts for each week. (I think I am a little bit behind. Gotta catch up!!)
  • First blog post may include ‘seek’, second blog post may include ‘seek’ and ‘sense’, third blog post may include ‘seek’, ‘sense’, ‘share’ and also reflections. p/s: subject to change (according to learning path for each week).
  • Create a list to ensure that I will complete all the requirements to achieve exceptional standard. Here is my list: To do list for EDC3100 Learning Journal

Thanks Miss Cee Cee for sharing her idea and I hope I will be able to stick to my to do list only particularly for my learning journal.

Christina 😉


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