My ‘somewhere’ and Concept Map

This week’s learning path activity was to create a concept map on why and why not use ICT and Pedagogy. 

I stumbled across Minhee’s blog post of her concept map, it was a relief that I am not the only one who is completing the activity in good old-fashioned way. :p As soon as I finish ‘editing’ my good old-fashioned hand written concept map, I will then transfer them into an image of pdf file using technology tools. I particularly liked the concept maps created by Rebecca, Colin, and Sabeeca. The concept maps created by them were very concise and easy to comprehend.

To begin with, I had some difficulties in determining my ‘somewhere’. I personally prefer to work with young children under 5 years of age. However, the coming up PE for this course will be undertaken at a primary settings which could be with any age group between prep to year 3. This PE in primary settings will be my first, my previous PE were all undertaken at child care centres/kindergarten. According to the learning path, it is suggested that the learning experiences where ICT are used should be designed for the specific context (my ‘somewhere’). Further, as I have not had experiences teaching in a primary schools/primary students, thus I do not have any idea about the availability of ICT at the school etc. Anyways, I will just make up my ‘somewhere’.

My ‘somewhere’

  1. context (the classroom, school, year level)
    Prep to year 3. I do not have a specific age group (I am hoping it will be prep or year 1 or year 2), comprised of 24-26 children, say Brisbane metropolitan area.
  2. Available ICT
    The school has a range of ICT resources, each child have access to own iPad, interactive whiteboard and laptop in each classroom, 3 computer labs with 25 computers in each lab for the whole school, library with additional of 20 computers for the whole school.
  3. Curriculum and learning objectives
    Australian Curriculum
    Mathematics (Measurement and Geometry – shapes, location and transformation) 

My concept map was created on EDC3100 why not framework which uses six methods that teachers use to decide whether or not to utilise ICT in the classrooms.

  • ICT is available – A particular ICT is available to be used.
  • It’s the way things are done – The class or school always does it this way.
  • Goodish practice – You’ve seen a neat idea used by another teacher.
  • Curriculum requirement – The curriculum you use requires you help the students develop a particular ICT-based skill
  • Theory – A particular theory (broadly defined) suggests the value of a particular practice.
  • Empirical research – A piece of research has revealed that a particular theory or practice does (not) work.

I chose Inkflow to create my concept map, it was one of the great iPad apps on this list that I found from google. Inkflow is fairly easy to use, just create a text box for each of it and that is it. However, it would be so much more better if there is option to outline each box or colour coded, so it will be easier to read (I think the paid version of the app offers these features). I took around 25 mins to complete this concept map as I have already written down all my ideas on a paper, so it was quicker and easier. 

2016-07-24-PHOTO-00022699 [37270]





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