Personal Learning Network (PLN) expanded

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I have successfully added three OPML files to Feedly, the feeds that are most relevant to me – Early Childhood and Primary, the one that are different to my context – Special Education. I am quite interested in this specific area – Special Education because I think there is a shortage of qualified specialist teacher, that can help out students with any kind of additional needs in the classroom.

Some off topic news: News have reported that Australia could be facing a teacher shortage (read here). Key point in this news article – teachers say the challenges that they face include student behaviour (when there were a large amount of additional needs such as students with behavioural difficulties and a wide range of special needs but lack of support). Another news article, stating that Queensland is facing teacher shortage: qualified specialist teachers. Some teachers who are teaching maths and science classes were not fully qualified in those specialist subject area. Queensland Government launches professional development to assist teachers to boost skills, especially maths and science courses.

Now back to my PLN, after adding EC, Primary and Special Education to Feedly, I found that Feedly is very useful! Feedly shows a list of all students who are specialising in EC, Primary, and Special Education. Feedly also shows that how many blog posts were posted by the students, and the tick – mark as read. These features made everything so much more easier, this allow me to tick read when I read the post and allow me to keep track of the unread post from other students, and much more easier for me to ‘look back’ when I link their post in my blog in order to acknowledge them.

I can say that I am now feeling very comfortable using WordPress, Feedly and Diigo. I do think that using technology tools are sometimes time consuming, however, I have to admit that – having a good PLN does enhance my learning journey.

I have also registered for Scootle, it was quick and easy. I hope to explore Scootle at a later time. Not sure if I should join The Learning Place, as I will be working in Primary setting in this PE, I guess it might be a good idea to join The Learning Place. I will read some feedback from past students then decide.



p/s: I tried to open the link for the news article – Queensland shortage of qualified maths and science teacher after I published my post. For some reasons, it does not lead to the actual news article, it leads to subscriptions. I have no idea why but I did copy and paste the actual url. Anyways, if anybody is interested, just google “Queensland teacher shortage: Government launches professional development program to boost skills”, this news article was published on the 4th of June 2016. I have tried to link it several ways, it does not work, it just jumps straight away to subscription page!




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