Lesson plans

I supposed, just like many of my coursemates, I also spent a long time searching for a lesson plan that meets the criteria and my ‘somewhere’.

First of all, the biggest problem that I faced was the topic of copyright and terms of use. I was very confused with what we can use and in what ways we are allow to use what we found online, and if we are not allowed to use due to copyrights, then what we can use for the second part of assessment task 1. Also, there were so many results from Google search and I just did not know which to choose from.

I came across a few discussion threads from the assignment 1 forum regarding where to a lesson plan and saw the post from David, where he included a list of sites that we can visit. (I actually read them in the book from learning path 2, however I just cannot recall the location of this information in the book :D) Anyways, the list David provided was very helpful.

The second problem that I faced was I am still feeling uncertain about my ‘somewhere’ – learning area, as the PE for this course will be undertaken at a primary settings, and I have not had any experience teaching at a primary schools and primary students, I am not sure which learning area I should choose. I have a few choices in mind – Mathematics, Science, The Arts, and Health and Physical Education. These are a few of the subjects that I think I am feeling comfortable with. So I have chose Mathematics at this stage, hopefully everything goes well.

Back to lesson plans, I have go through the list David gave. I really liked the lesson plans from Mathletics. The lesson plan aligned to meet the targeted expectations of the Australian Curriculum and it is clearly stated in the lesson plan – strand, substrand and outcome. The lesson plan also includes suggestions for modifications/modification and extension of learning. It also make very clear of the resources needed for the lesson and clear instructions for teachers to follow/use as assistance. There are also some reflection questions to assist teachers (students) to reflect on after the lesson. I have read through the terms and conditions, I found the following details:

  • You must not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, frame, download onto a computer, upload to a third party, post, transmit or distribute this Content in any way except as expressly provided for in these General Conditions or with our express prior written consent.

and also

  •  You may view the Site using your web browser and save an electronic copy, or print out a copy, of parts of this Site solely for your own personal use, information, research or study, but only if you keep all Content intact and in the same form as presented on the Site (including without limitation all copyright, trade mark and other proprietary notices and all advertisements).

Both of these jump out to me as I really wish to use their lesson plans. So, from my understanding, I am allowed to use the lesson plans if it is solely for personal use. However, as we are required to ‘upload’ (pretending) to AES server, that means I am not allowed because it says “you must not upload to a third party”. Hence, I cannot use the lesson plans from Mathletics. (Devastated as I really liked it!!!) So, I decided to contact them, I have sent an email to the customer service, and hopefully I will receive a response from them soon. (Finger crossed!!!)

Other than that, I have also browsed through CAP THAT and Australian Curriculum Lessons, however, haven’t find any that I really like yet. I did sent emails to both of these sites and copyright permissions were granted within 24 hours.

As for Australian Curriculum Lessons website, the conditions for using their lesson plans was

  1. Link to the direct web address of the lesson plan used;
  2. Refer to the source as Australian Curriculum Lessons at http://www.australiancurriculumlessons.com.au/
  3. Make it clear that you were not the developer of the lesson and acknowledge the author of the lesson (located on each lesson on the site).

I will keep looking for more lesson plans while waiting for the response from Mathletics.

I was also doing some searching about using ICT to teach mathematics and came across this website, it was a good read and contained a lot of information. More reason to think about integrating ICT into teaching to amplify or transform teaching and learning for both teachers and students.





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