Hello to Module 2

It is now week 5, how time flies so quickly!! I am about to start learning path 4 Module 2. I was about to start learning path 4 last week, however David have suggested that we should finish assignment 1 first. I submitted my assignment on Sunday midnight 12am (well, it was considered Monday :D) and haven’t have time to start until now. I have also been allocating some time to other units as there is my HPE assignment due on 25/08 and Assessment and Reporting assignment due on the same day 05/09 together with this course assignment 2. I am also juggling between work, study and personal & social life.

Here we go (again), learning path 4 Module 2!

Before I start, I would like to reflect on my learning to use ICT so far.

I think I am comfortable using Moodle books, although I am not a big fan of using technology to study, I do find that I am starting to like it – as I can study at my own pace, re-read if I’m confused, and forums are very useful.

I am now very familiar with the Blogging, Diigo and Feedly. I am receiving emails once there are updates and students posting new things onto Diigo! That means chances to expand knowledge!

I have also joined EDC3100 ICT & Pedagogy facebook group, and thank you Colin for always helping us out.

Reading all the blog posts from the reader – seems like everybody is starting assignment 2 and I felt like I missed out a lot, so I better get started!!!



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