Reflection – Assignment 1 + the RAT Model and Module 1

For Assignment 1 Evaluation of Lesson Plan – I have chosen Year 2 Mathematics from 3P Learning Mathletics 3D Objects. At first glance, I have noticed that Mathletics lesson plans utilise the use of ICT in teaching and learning, thus I particularly liked the lesson plans from Mathletics. That was why I have chosen to chose the lesson plan from this particular site. However, while I was completing the checklist to evaluate this lesson, I have found myself questioning if the utilise of ICT in the lesson serve the purpose of replacement or amplification or transformation. I have also found that there were only small amount of ICTs were being used in the lesson – IWB, computers, tablets and some of the information were unclear in the lesson plan. I felt like there were not much for me to fill out in the checklist, and I wondered if the marker will consider the lesson plan is not of sufficient quality. I have tried my best to filled out the checklist according to anything that are relevant and can be seen in the lesson plan.

While completing the RAT model part, I have filled the boxes under amplification for all parts – student learning process, instructional methods, and curriculum goals. Some boxes under transformation were filled out as well – describing my ideas that what would not be possible to achieve without ICT.

I have found that this particular checklist and the RAT model are quite useful in assisting teachers to assess the use of ICT and Pedagogy in a particular lesson plan. The RAT framework is something that I would like and will use in my teaching – for the upcoming prac and in the future.

Reflecting on Module 1

I have definitely gain a lot more knowledge regarding ICT and Pedagogy. An area that I have never thought I would spend time and money to study. Module 1 learning paths have definitely made me to think more deeply about my thinking of ICT and Pedagogy, my background and knowledge of using ICT, what are my beliefs about using ICT in the classroom?, why or why not use ICT and Pedagogy, how can ICT and Pedagogy be used, how can I enhance my teaching and student’s learning with ICT?… I really look forward to Module 2 and hoping that I will be able to get more out of this course and apply the knowledge that I gained and will be gained to the upcoming prac.

Hello to week 4 Module 2 and assignment two!


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