A.2 continued..

I am now working through stage 2 – assessment evidence again as I am looking at the Foundation Standards Elaborations for History from the QCAA ac_hist_prep_se.

Below are my thoughts about the criteria from Standards Elaborations:

DOING IT RIGHT Criteria (from the syllabus)

Understanding and skills dimension

  • Historical knowledge and understanding
  • Questioning and researching
  • Communicating

Matching criteria for my learning objectives:

Construct knowledge objective: 

History Knowledge and Understanding 

How they, their family and friends commemorate past events that are important to them (ACHASSK012)

Criteria: Understanding and skills dimensions / Historical knowledge and understanding 

Inquiry and skills: Researching 

Collect data and information from observations and identify information and data from sources provided(ACHASSI002)

Criteria: Understanding and skills dimensions / Questioning and researching 

Transforming knowledge objective:

Inquiry and skills: Communicating 

Present narratives, information and findings in oral, graphic and written forms using simple terms to denote the passing of time and to describe direction and location (ACHASSI010)

Criteria: Understanding and skills dimensions / Communicating 


Assessment tasks: Assessment tasks will consist of both formative assessment tasks and summative assessment task.

This part of a.2 – identifying the criteria was fairly easy as learning objectives were identified in the earlier learning path. Also full guidance was provided in regards how to identify our criteria according to our learning objective. Thank you David for making it so much more easier for us – standard set of curriculum and criteria to be used in our assignment. If we are using Australian Curriculum, then our learning objectives will be chosen from the learning areas on the Australian Curriculum website, and the Criteria will be based on Standards Elaborations on the QCAA website.

Now back to the learning path reading PCK and TCK.




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