Development of A.2

It is now the end of week 5, however I am still catching up on week 4. I am now tackling stage 2 assessment evidence. I am working through the learning path slowly, especially when I need to put more attention to the details for assignment 2.

So to begin with a.2, the first thing to consider was to identify ‘my somewhere’. Same as Karey, it was hard to describe ‘my somewhere’ as I have never thought and wanted to be a teacher in school settings. I am more passionate in the early years (birth to 5 years of age) and personally prefer to work in child care/kindergarten settings. However, here some dot points of ‘my somewhere’.


  • P-6 State Primary School located in South East Queensland
  • Mix of middle SES and high SES
  • Over 75 staffs for 850 students
  • Demographic of school (staffs and students) is diverse and from a range of cultures and languages
  • available ICTs at school: computers, laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards (IWB), printers, digital and video cameras, USBs
  • Prep classroom have access to 1 desktop computer and 2 laptops, IWB, printer, 25 iPads and internet access at all times.


  • Foundation year (prep)
  • mixed gender consisting of 24 students (13 boys, 11 girls)
  • Students are from diverse culture and background including Indigenous students
  • 5 students with additional needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and hearing impairment.
  • students vary in skills and abilities using ICT
  • have access to ICT everyday


  • Prep teaching team (teachers, teacher aide and support staff)
  • Teacher aide support throughout the day to assist students with additional needs
  • Parents are welcome to join in


  • Multicultural week

Moving on to summary of ideas for unit plan (draft)..

Unit topic: Learning area is HASS – History (haven’t come up with an interesting/fancy word to name my topic yet)

Length of unit: 4 1/2weeks

Year level: Foundation year

Curriculum: Australian Curriculum v8.2 

Learning Area: Humanities and Social Science – History

Learning Objectives: 

Constructing knowledge objective

History Knowledge and Understanding 

How they, their family and friends commemorate past events that are important to them(ACHASSK012)


  • Making a calendar of commemorative events that students, their family and friends celebrate (for example, birthdays, religious festivals such as Easter, Ramadan, Buddha’s Birthday, Feast of Passover; family reunions and community commemorations such as NAIDOC week and Anzac Day) and discussing why they are important. (This somehow looks like a transforming knowledge to me.)

Inquiry and skills: Researching 

Collect data and information from observations and identify information and data from sources provided(ACHASSI002)


  • Exploring sources (for example, pictures, photographs, story books, artefacts, excursions to places, family interviews) to gain information about the past
  • Listening to stories from oral, audiovisual and other sources to find information about family, friends, celebrations, places and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Transforming knowledge objective 

Inquiry and skills: Communicating 

Present narratives, information and findings in oral, graphic and written forms using simple terms to denote the passing of time and to describe direction and location (ACHASSI010)


  • Describing events they have experienced and/or different places they have visited, using different modes of communication, (for example, orally, through objects, pictures and drawings, role-play and photographs).

At the beginning of the unit, students will learn about:

  • Their own cultures and other students culture
  • Commemorative events they celebrate according to their culture (events: those are important to them)
  • Why the events are important to them

By the end of the unit, students should be able to: 

  • Understand that different culture celebrates different events
  • Understand and describe the importance of such events to them
  • Using ICT to create the calendar as a whole group learning, and each student create their own work to describe events that they experienced using different mode of communication.

It was a big headache deciding which version of Australian Curriculum we should use due to the endorsement. As I am doing History Foundation year, in the website v7.5 HASS History and Geography is awaiting final endorsement. The website also stated that Australian Education Ministers endorsed F-10 Australian Curriculum in all eight learning areas on 18 September 2015. VERY CONFUSED! Version 7.5 and version 8.2 are both slightly different in contents/wording.

I have worked my way through learning path – stage 2 assessment evidence about assessment task and selecting the criteria. Now I will jump onto Foundation Standards Elaborations for History from the QCAA which take me to this ac_hist_prep_se.

Until next post…



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