3rd learning experience: 

Aim: Free dress day for students – students will dress in their traditional clothing and bringing foods from their culture. Students to discuss the differences between the events celebrate by students according to their culture. To introduce summative assessment task creating a poster using iPad apps. Topic – my special event.

Teaching strategies/ideas:

  1. set up the classroom into a circle seating plan. Welcome students, asked students to put the foods they brought in the middle of the table.
  2. recap what we learn in the last learning experience. Discuss what we see today – different clothing and food.
  3. Using our five senses – eyes (sight), ears (sound), nose (smell), mouth (taste), hands (touch) to discuss the differences of the celebrations.
  4. Using IWB, teacher will create a five senses graphic organiser, this activity will be completed as a whole.
  5. To wrap up, discuss what we’ve learnt.
  6. Introduce the summative assessment task – creating a poster using iPad apps (students can use any kind of drawings app to complete this task). Topic is my special event. Student will choose one event that are significant to them/their family and illustrate them using iPad apps – how this event was commemorated by them/their family. Student have experience using the apps (apps was introduced at the beginning of the term).
  7. Students will work on this assessment task individually for the last week of teaching. Teacher will scaffold and provide assistance as needed.
  8. If time allow, students will share by show and tell in the classroom after being marked. (last day of the teaching according to unit plan)





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