Bloom’s Taxonomy and ICT

All the ideas for my learning experiences in my three previous blog posts were posted before I complete week 5 learning path. I thought that I might just jot down some ideas I have while I work my way through week 5 in case I forget by the end I complete the learning paths. While I was reading through the learning path, I just realised that how little ICT I have integrated into my learning experiences and the ways that I used ICT in the learning experiences are quite limited. After completing week 5, firstly I would continue to make changes to each of my learning experiences; secondly, I have found that Bloom’s Taxonomy and Digital Approaches listed a digital tools that we can use to support each of the categories or taxonomic elements – remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating and creating.

I will be using this site and the Technology Integration Planning (TIP) model to assist the planning of my learning experiences, particularly in deciding what ICT and how ICT will be use in the learning experiences.



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