Assignment 1 result

Very unfortunately, on August 29 I received an email from David stating that I was one of the 49 students that the marking for assignment 1 has been delayed. I didn’t receive my result for assignment 1 until the 2nd of September.

I think this is unfair for those students who were in the same boat – delayed in receiving their result. I think the results should be ALL released on a same day to ensure fairness!!

My heart was pounding when I clicked the feedback file… I can say that I am pleased with my result. I am now looking closely at my rubric, I am somewhat quite confuse with the percentage. I have sent an email to David to seek clarification.

I have got a B for the RAT model and the feedback mentioned that I am confuse with what teacher does and what the students do…. Might look into this during the holidays.


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