It’s been a while

Its been quite a while since I last post… I was spending a lot of time finishing up all the assignments, from this course and the others.. and got sick at the very time where I should be completing the assignments.

Its been very stressful having this course – heavy content, moreover its online. I always fail to perform well if I study online. I felt like I was on top of everything, however with work load and personal life issues to due with, and caught a cold that lasted for a week have made me sink to the bottom of the ocean…

Its also been very overwhelming as I haven’t receive my placement allocations, and also result for assignment 1.

Just like Kayla, I am also playing catch up with blogging and learning paths, as I am really behind in blogging and the learning paths. I am lack of motivation to complete all of these especially when there’s so much going on. Just wanted to hit the minimum word count and blog post for each week, but at the same time keep it reflective as well.

oh well…now back to learning path….



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