not happy!!

I saw some students posted in the forum (21/08) saying that they have received their placement site in InPlace. So I logged into InPlace to check if I have got my site.. Surprise!!! Staff is allocated, however placement is still be to allocated.

Immediately I felt disadvantaged. I know that there are also other students waiting to be placed. I have responded to the forum:

“Not sure about the rest of you guys, but I personally find that the way that professional experience office releases the place for the placement at different dates are quite unfair! If the students who are starting this prac on the same day – 4th October, the students who got notified their placement site earlier  get to see their mentor teacher ahead and have more opportunities to be prepared or get more information from the mentor teacher, while the students who got notified later such as a week before the actual placement only have little time to be prepared.

If we do get notified about placement site at a later date, does that mean our prac starts later than the actual date – 4/10??

I think that ALL students who is going on prac for edc3100 should be notified about their placement site at the SAME TIME to ensure equality and fairness.”

Not impressed with the way USQ Springfield Professional Experience Office releases the placement site at different stage!!!

When I was studying at my previous Uni, also in Queensland – Brisbane. All students who were doing the same prac for the course get notified at the same day/ time so that everyone have the same amount of time to get in touch with their mentor teacher. For example, all students get notified about their placement site on the same day a week or two before the placement date.

I get that there are circumstances that may caused the delay for being placed, I just think that all students should get notified at the same day for fairness. (If we are all starting on the same date:4/10)

Studying to be a teacher and being involved in education, all we hear about is practice for inclusion, fairness (for our future students that we will have). I think it’s not too much to ask for uni being fair to us.



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