Reflection – assignment 2

Overall, I think this assignment is a good start for getting us to think about creating and designing unit plan (in the future). The stage 1 and 2 of the assignment were completed at earlier stage and I outlined the details of what I was going to include in stage 3 – learning plan. I got sick a week prior the due date to submit this assignment. There were two heavy assignments due on the same day, including this. I was on top of things and hoping to get a high distinction for this assignment, but with all the unforeseen circumstances, I can only do my best.

All my ideas for the learning plan was inspired by this particular website. If I will have to teach history in the future, this will be one of the website that I will seek ideas/inspirations from.

The ICT tools that I have included in my learning plan was Interactive Whiteboard, iPads, laptops/desktop computers etc. With the IWB, I felt like the teachers are in control with teaching and learning, there is little opportunity for students to be in control – using IWB.(might have to think more deeply – how to involve student in the use of IWB). Personally, I have never have the chance to use an IWB, would be interesting to learn how to use it. I have also included the use of iPads for students’ assessment task.

I think I did alright, but  I definitely can do better! I look forward to have a great professional experience (particularly I am hoping that I will be placed at a decent school and to be allocated with a good mentor!), so I can get higher mark for the last assignment. 🙂



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