confuse and anxious

I have looked up some information about my placement site from their webpage, and I have contacted my site coordinator on the 12th September Monday to see if I can have a meeting – little chat with my mentor before the school holiday commences. My site coordinator said that just send an email to my mentor and check if she is available to meet me, and she (site coordinator) will conduct an induction on my first day of PE. She doesn’t sounded very friendly from the phone (not that I am judging, I understand that there are lots of reasons that can affect one person’s day), but I still hope that she will be friendly in person. 😀

So, take on my site coordinator advice I have sent an email to my mentor requesting a meeting on the Wednesday 14th September, so I get a bit more information about the school and the class, as well as to get a head start for assignment 3 part B. I have compile a list of questions (from learning path and assignment 3) that I wanted to ask my mentor so I don’t missed out on any important part of the assignment.

Hope that everything will turn out just fine… and hope that students who have yet to be placed will get their site soon!


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