Finally got my placement site allocation

So on the 9th September Friday evening, I logged into InPlace to check my placement site allocation.. and I have got my site!!!! I was beyond excited that finally my placement site allocation is confirm! However I am placed in year 3 – I felt very anxious and stress because this is my very first PE in primary settings and I do not have any experience teaching in primary schools and with children whom aged above 5 years. Teaching year 3 is out of my expertise!! I am just wishing that I will have a great mentor who is willing to guide me through this 15 days PE.

I am so glad that I finally have my site confirm, at the same time feel bad for students who have yet to be placed! According to Colin’s post where he asked one site coordinator at the school where he work about the reasons why the school didn`t take USQ students and the response was that USQ didn’t manage to provide information to the school at early stage so chose to accept students from other universities over USQ. This made me wonder: why the uni asked students to give back the placement form ASAP at the beginning of the semester? and I do believe that most students have provided the placement form at the beginning of the semester so we get our placement ASAP and will be able to organise everything and be prepared. Since we (students) are taking on our responsibility, however the answer from Colin’s workplace site coordinator made me question if the PE office is doing their job?? I wonder if they contact schools as soon as they receive students’ placement form?…. I understand that PE office has huge load of work to do, however, as an international student and paying thousand of dollars for each unit, I think i have the rights to ask for fair, good and positive education experiences, as I can say out loud that the experiences that I have with USQ so far is not worth those thousand of dollars!


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