Light at the end of the tunnel

So I have sent an email to my mentor on the 12th September (last Monday) and received her reply on the next day 13th September (last Tuesday) saying that she is available and able to see me for half an hour in the afternoon on the 14th September (last Wednesday)!! Hoorayyy!!

So I have met my mentor and she is very lovely and friendly (yay!). I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…


My mentor told me that she herself is fairly new in the field as she only have been working in this field for 5 to 6 years, so she ascertain me that she will guide me through my PE as she understand how difficult it is to be a student teacher/beginner teacher. I am so glad and relief (for now). Her advice to me was that I should enjoy this 2 weeks school holiday and not to worry about the teaching and planning until I step in the classroom on the 4th October. She did give me some ideas to start with the preparation for the PE, she said it would be great to think about behaviour management and mini lessons/5 mins time filler activities as these are the two important aspects to get the class going smoothly.

My site coordinator have also sent me an email last Wednesday late evening thanking us (there’s another 2 students who is doing prac at the same school) for making contact with her and asked us to be at the school by 8am on 4th October, and contact her by phone or email over the holidays if there is any problem/questions. I am at ease with all these provided support and hoping that I will have a great experience with this school.

Now that I have collected some important information about the school and the class, I am going to start assignment 3! I have two weeks of time to complete most parts of the assignment 3 and learning paths + blog posts, and to complete at least two thirds (I hope) of another huge assignment due on the last day of the prac – the 24th October 60% assignment, and there is another one due during the prac – the 20th October 50% assignment and any of the task information will not be released until the 6th October! At least this assignment 3 is due on the 31st October (if I am to finish my prac on the 24th)!

Wish me luck….

Now back to learning paths… I aim to complete all the learning paths as soon as I can – hopefully in one or two days.


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