Day 1 prac 

Before I begin with my reflections on how I go with prac, I would like to admit that I haven’t complete all the learning path as there are a lot of information I haven’t get from my placement site, so I thought I’ll just wait until the first day of my prac and tackle them at the end of day 1 prac. 

Very first day of my very first prac in primary settings! How exciting! I was sooooo nervous and anxious because I never have had any kind of experience with primary! It all went great, my mentor is so nice and very supportive. There’s also two student from USQ who is having prac at the same school. One of them is doing another course which is only for 10 days, and another is doing EDC3100 as well. We both felt so glad that we have our placement.

I am in year 3 and I have 24 children. Children were very nice and well behaved. I am slowly learning their names and keep their names in my head and getting into their routine. 

I have been observing my mentor teaching strategies and being involved in children’s learning such as group time – working together with the children, interact with the children etc. 

I am hoping to do some small groups learning experiences on coming Thursday and Friday. This week is a busy week as my mentor is also getting children to settle down (from holidays and missed one day yesterday – public holiday), and introduce the term 4 unit of work. 

I can say that I’m feeling ok for today, and I look forward to observe more and also to be more involved in their routine. 


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