Day 2 prac

Time flies! It’s such a surprise that time pass so quickly! Today has been great. Getting to know the children a little bit more better. Again I have been working with children in groups tackling English – sentence work; Maths – measurement (capacity); library time – reading story book with the children. 

The classroom has IWB – Hitachi Starboard, but very unfortunately the touch function is broken and still waiting to be fixed. Not sure how long we will have to wait… 

Tomorrow the children will have some time using the iPads during the lesson, however there’s no internet connection for the iPad!! God…… Chatted with my mentor throughout the day just to keep in mind that I’ll need to have 5 lessons that incorporate the use of ICT to enhance the children’s learning and our teaching. Will have to see how we go and plan according to my mentor’s unit of work. 

Am going to take some parts of classes tomorrow! Gotta do some lesson plan now. 

Happy learning. 


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