Day 3-5 prac

Had a busy week last week, my mentor settling the children from school holidays, getting the time table fixed (as there were some changes) etc etc. 

Officially completed the first week of prac, I can say that I’m very glad that one week is over (don’t get me wrong, not that I’m not enjoying it). Last week I was taking small groups activity during the classes, and didn’t have much ICT integrate in the lesson plans. 

My mentor asked me to run small groups to get to know the students better as the students are at different levels and there are a lot of differentiation going on in the classroom, for example there are students who are really strong in maths – different kind of activities or worksheets will be given to the students, and student with special needs will also have a different activity and extra support will be given too. 

Last week for English I had to teach aw and au sounds, so I thought that it would be a great idea to put a video up for my group of students to watch – aw au sounds and oddballs. Had it all planned out nicely – will be using the classroom’s computer at the back as my group of students will sit down on the mat at the back area. 

So… First problem: I didn’t know that YouTube is not allowed (statewide block by QLD government) until I logged on the computer and tried to get into YouTube. So I had to ask my mentor to log in with her details as she can access YouTube, so i will be able to connect to YouTube and show the children the video. 

Second problem: when I was about to play it, surprise surprise the sound icon has a red x on it, means it’s not working. Clicked on it and saw – no speakers or earphones are detected!!! Bummer!! My students were quite excited that we were going to watch something on YouTube! Some of the students suggested that: “you need to press this/that (pointing at the computer)”, and one of them come up and show me “I’ll do it, I’ll do it for you, it was on mute.” Clearly the students thought that it was on mute, however the issue was that there were no output -speakers. So I was not able to show the videos and had to jump straight in the activity worksheet. My mentor said we might be able to show it after lunch time at quiet reading time, however when the students came back from lunch, the students got really excited for quiet reading time – as there will be a group of students (with 20 or more ticks/stickers for good behaviours) to have free time. 

On Friday (day 4), I mainly focused on observing my mentor teacher and take some small groups my self. As my mentor had a very busy and rush start for the week, she wasn’t able to show me the ways that she always run a lesson. The school and teachers use a specific lesson procedure. (I will not include here as I think it is consider as confidential information.) So my mentor asked me to observe on Friday so I can have a good idea of how she runs the classroom and the lessons, so I’ll be able to take the class next week. 

Day 5 

Whewww.. So I was in charged of the class today and took most of the lessons. Most of my lessons today include the use of ICT – IWB and PowerPoint slides. 

I think using ppt slides have engaged students as it gained their attention. Pro: colourful, pictures and animated. 

My mentor has the clicker and asked me to use it so I can move around the classroom while I’m teaching. It was really handy, so I can move around the classroom to ensure students are listening. 

Problem: I accidentally clicked too fast and had to go back to the previous slide. Tried clicking the arrow thingy but just won’t work. Had to walk back to the table and physically press the button and standing there and pressing because the clicker doesn’t seem to work!!! Had the same issue in all lessons that involves using ppt slides! Might have to check how to use it! 

Overall, the use of ppt slides really gained students’ attention and they were engaging with the content. So I’m really happy! 


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