So much to learn…

Another post from fellow students – Morphed and Teaching the unfamiliar

I definitely felt the same way as they did. I felt quite nervous and unprepared even when I had done my preparation days before… I sometimes think-aloud wrongly or the things i write down wrong does not match what i was talking about, students corrected me for my mistakes..

I am always wondering if I am doing it correctly – content and teaching.. Massive thank you to my mentor, she taught me that there is no correct or wrong way to teach, we need to adjust our teaching as we go – to meet the students’ needs, we need to be flexible as something worked today might not work tomorrow.

Although I have mainly shadowed my mentor’s behaviour management and teaching strategies, i think that’s a good start for a fresh student-teacher in a primary settings.

Two useful websites my mentor have used for homework instead of giving worksheets, which I think i will use these in my future teaching. Studyladder and ReadTheory. The good thing of studyladder is that teacher can sets different activities to suit students’ needs, and also if students achieve points – students get to get merit certificates – which will encourage them to use it.


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