Some useful sites i used on PE

So….. the touch function of the IWB in my classroom was broken… what to do….???

Here is a website that David gave I found really useful.

I have mainly used the IWB for PPT slides and showing videos. However, my ppt slides incorporate more than just showing/presenting information (which I’m very proud of). My mentor have asked to give her all the resources I have created so she can use them in the future. Some of the ppt slides I made were shared with other classroom’s educator because they liked them a lot.

I have used ppt for all the lessons I have taught. I have taught mainly English and Maths lessons, and small groups lessons.

I’ve just stumbled across Emma’s blog post, it was great to see that she had a great PE. She mentioned that this prac is her best prac ever, I can say that i feel the same way as she did! As I have already mentioned in my previous post, the positivity and supports that I receive made a huge difference on my learning (I had some friends who had their prac with dodgy mentors – i know i shouldn’t have use this word, however it was just bad luck). It’s nice to see that she only have 35 days more!

I am not far away to complete my prac days. 45 days more – 25 days PE and 20 days internship. I can only hope that i will be able to return to the same site! finger cross…


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