About me 

My name is Soi Hian Law, everyone calls me Christina. I am a 4th year international student (I am from Malaysia) currently studying Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at University of Southern Queensland. I have previously completed Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies at Queensland University of Technology in 2014. 

I am very passionate in Early Childhood Education and Care as I believe that teacher plays important roles in the first eight years of a child’s life which are fundamentally important that shapes children’s future in all aspects. 

This blog is about my learning journey of ICT. I am stepping out of my comfort zone as I am out of my depth when utilising ICTs myself, and I do not have much experience utilising ICT in classroom to engage and assist student’s learning experience. 

I look forward to learn a lot more about ICT through this course. I hope everyone enjoys reading my learning journey. 

Happy learning!!