Day 2 prac

Time flies! It’s such a surprise that time pass so quickly! Today has been great. Getting to know the children a little bit more better. Again I have been working with children in groups tackling English – sentence work; Maths – measurement (capacity); library time – reading story book with the children. 

The classroom has IWB – Hitachi Starboard, but very unfortunately the touch function is broken and still waiting to be fixed. Not sure how long we will have to wait… 

Tomorrow the children will have some time using the iPads during the lesson, however there’s no internet connection for the iPad!! God…… Chatted with my mentor throughout the day just to keep in mind that I’ll need to have 5 lessons that incorporate the use of ICT to enhance the children’s learning and our teaching. Will have to see how we go and plan according to my mentor’s unit of work. 

Am going to take some parts of classes tomorrow! Gotta do some lesson plan now. 

Happy learning. 


Day 1 prac 

Before I begin with my reflections on how I go with prac, I would like to admit that I haven’t complete all the learning path as there are a lot of information I haven’t get from my placement site, so I thought I’ll just wait until the first day of my prac and tackle them at the end of day 1 prac. 

Very first day of my very first prac in primary settings! How exciting! I was sooooo nervous and anxious because I never have had any kind of experience with primary! It all went great, my mentor is so nice and very supportive. There’s also two student from USQ who is having prac at the same school. One of them is doing another course which is only for 10 days, and another is doing EDC3100 as well. We both felt so glad that we have our placement.

I am in year 3 and I have 24 children. Children were very nice and well behaved. I am slowly learning their names and keep their names in my head and getting into their routine. 

I have been observing my mentor teaching strategies and being involved in children’s learning such as group time – working together with the children, interact with the children etc. 

I am hoping to do some small groups learning experiences on coming Thursday and Friday. This week is a busy week as my mentor is also getting children to settle down (from holidays and missed one day yesterday – public holiday), and introduce the term 4 unit of work. 

I can say that I’m feeling ok for today, and I look forward to observe more and also to be more involved in their routine. 

looking back week 8..

I have learnt much more about digital citizenship in week 8 learning path and aware that it is also our responsibility (as teachers) to teach children to be a good digital citizen.

Edutopia provided a good list – 9Ps on what your students really need to know about digital citizenship: passwords, privacy, personal information, photographs, property, permission, protection, professionalism, personal brand.

As I am going to an Education Queensland school for my placement, I will continue to research the policies involved with this.

As I have already met with my mentor, the students do have access to iPads once or twice per week on English or Maths lessons, and access to computer labs on technology lessons. I am certain that the students already have knowledge being a good digital citizen and I look forward to gain more information once my placement begins.

Digital Citizenship

At the beginning of the learning path, I am totally puzzled with the word – Digital citizenship. I have no idea what does it mean. So I googled digital citizenship definition and there are lots of information came up.

According to Digital citizen: “a person who develops the skills and knowledge to effectively use the Internet and other digital technology, especially in order to participate responsibly in social and civic activities.”

Digital citizenship is the norms and rules we follow to act appropriately when using technology. 

Similarly, this website also outlines that “Digital Citizenship is a concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately. Digital Citizenship is more than just a teaching tool; it is a way to prepare students/technology users for a society full of technology.”

digital-citizenshipimage taken from:

After i gain an understanding the meaning of digital citizenship, I continue to explore the next learning path. From exploring the definition of digital citizen + digital citizenship, I understand that each and every one of us is most likely a digital citizen as we are actively engage with digital technologies such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets etc. Also we are reading learning path on study desk and completing this blog post using a computer, tablet or phone.

We have been asked to write a blog post about digital citizenship and the activities that we will complete during the path.


I can say that I am a active user of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I uses these social media on daily basis and I have observed cyber bullying on many occasions through Facebook posts and Instagram posts. People can leave such negative comments such as calling names or comment something that are irrelevant on a simple post that was made public. Its upsetting and unbelievable to see these people can be so dreadful to someone that they don’t even know.

I sometimes do online shopping and online payments. I am sometimes quite paranoid that if my details will be hacked. I always make sure that my website is secure whenever I am doing online shopping or making online payments. I mostly uses my iPhone or iPad to complete the above activities, I supposed it is securely protected? I seldom use my laptop to do online shopping or payments as the internet security/antivirus may expired?

I have got 2 out of 4 for the bullying quiz. Just like the students from semester 1 2016, most students got Q1 and Q3 incorrect. I have got question 1 – Students who often take part in bullying others usually have problems with low self-esteem. – false and question 3 – Cyberbullying is now the most common form of bullying that occurs in secondary schools. – false incorrect. It’s surprising that students who bully are more likely to have inflated self esteem.

I found that the quiz from cyber smart kids quiz straight forward and easy to understand and interactive, I think this is a good activity for students to complete as part of their learning about the importance of cybersafety.

I am always cautious when using social media sites, I used to post a lot in my Facebook and Instagram site but not so often anymore. I always make sure that I always revisit my facebook page privacy settings to make sure the privacy is always up to date, I deleted those people that I don’t know in facebook, I put my instagram page as private, I only approve people I know as my follower.

After reading the scary stories here and here, and from my own experiences – seeing my facebook friends account being hacked, it made me realise that I need to be more cautious (even though I am already being careful) when using social media sites and other sites on the internet.

As for my placement site, I am not certain if they have any specific policies related to cyber safety but I will find out when my placement begins, but i am certain that there are practices that teachers and students practice on daily basis to ensure the correct use of ICT.

Light at the end of the tunnel

So I have sent an email to my mentor on the 12th September (last Monday) and received her reply on the next day 13th September (last Tuesday) saying that she is available and able to see me for half an hour in the afternoon on the 14th September (last Wednesday)!! Hoorayyy!!

So I have met my mentor and she is very lovely and friendly (yay!). I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…


My mentor told me that she herself is fairly new in the field as she only have been working in this field for 5 to 6 years, so she ascertain me that she will guide me through my PE as she understand how difficult it is to be a student teacher/beginner teacher. I am so glad and relief (for now). Her advice to me was that I should enjoy this 2 weeks school holiday and not to worry about the teaching and planning until I step in the classroom on the 4th October. She did give me some ideas to start with the preparation for the PE, she said it would be great to think about behaviour management and mini lessons/5 mins time filler activities as these are the two important aspects to get the class going smoothly.

My site coordinator have also sent me an email last Wednesday late evening thanking us (there’s another 2 students who is doing prac at the same school) for making contact with her and asked us to be at the school by 8am on 4th October, and contact her by phone or email over the holidays if there is any problem/questions. I am at ease with all these provided support and hoping that I will have a great experience with this school.

Now that I have collected some important information about the school and the class, I am going to start assignment 3! I have two weeks of time to complete most parts of the assignment 3 and learning paths + blog posts, and to complete at least two thirds (I hope) of another huge assignment due on the last day of the prac – the 24th October 60% assignment, and there is another one due during the prac – the 20th October 50% assignment and any of the task information will not be released until the 6th October! At least this assignment 3 is due on the 31st October (if I am to finish my prac on the 24th)!

Wish me luck….

Now back to learning paths… I aim to complete all the learning paths as soon as I can – hopefully in one or two days.

confuse and anxious

I have looked up some information about my placement site from their webpage, and I have contacted my site coordinator on the 12th September Monday to see if I can have a meeting – little chat with my mentor before the school holiday commences. My site coordinator said that just send an email to my mentor and check if she is available to meet me, and she (site coordinator) will conduct an induction on my first day of PE. She doesn’t sounded very friendly from the phone (not that I am judging, I understand that there are lots of reasons that can affect one person’s day), but I still hope that she will be friendly in person. 😀

So, take on my site coordinator advice I have sent an email to my mentor requesting a meeting on the Wednesday 14th September, so I get a bit more information about the school and the class, as well as to get a head start for assignment 3 part B. I have compile a list of questions (from learning path and assignment 3) that I wanted to ask my mentor so I don’t missed out on any important part of the assignment.

Hope that everything will turn out just fine… and hope that students who have yet to be placed will get their site soon!

Finally got my placement site allocation

So on the 9th September Friday evening, I logged into InPlace to check my placement site allocation.. and I have got my site!!!! I was beyond excited that finally my placement site allocation is confirm! However I am placed in year 3 – I felt very anxious and stress because this is my very first PE in primary settings and I do not have any experience teaching in primary schools and with children whom aged above 5 years. Teaching year 3 is out of my expertise!! I am just wishing that I will have a great mentor who is willing to guide me through this 15 days PE.

I am so glad that I finally have my site confirm, at the same time feel bad for students who have yet to be placed! According to Colin’s post where he asked one site coordinator at the school where he work about the reasons why the school didn`t take USQ students and the response was that USQ didn’t manage to provide information to the school at early stage so chose to accept students from other universities over USQ. This made me wonder: why the uni asked students to give back the placement form ASAP at the beginning of the semester? and I do believe that most students have provided the placement form at the beginning of the semester so we get our placement ASAP and will be able to organise everything and be prepared. Since we (students) are taking on our responsibility, however the answer from Colin’s workplace site coordinator made me question if the PE office is doing their job?? I wonder if they contact schools as soon as they receive students’ placement form?…. I understand that PE office has huge load of work to do, however, as an international student and paying thousand of dollars for each unit, I think i have the rights to ask for fair, good and positive education experiences, as I can say out loud that the experiences that I have with USQ so far is not worth those thousand of dollars!